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Creating and sustaining a healthy work culture that emphasizes the importance of respect up and down the chain, open communication, and a shared sense of purpose can be a daunting task for any organization. However, cultivating a positive work environment improves employee retention rates which, in turn, can improve productivity and profitability. 

Optimal Coaching & Consulting solutions provides the experience and expertise needed to help teams and business leaders excel in their roles and contribute to creating a healthy workplace culture.
Business Consulting
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What is Consulting?

A consultant is an expert in their field who holds valuable knowledge that can be transferred to their clients.

Consultants will typically assess the current state of the organization and make recommendations on how to improve, providing you with a blueprint of actionable steps to take in order to see results. A consultant works with individuals or teams keeping a macro-level understanding of how the business works in mind, and how their recommendations will impact the organization as a whole.

Our Approach to Business and Leadership Consulting

The three steps that will take your business and its people to the next level! Optimal Coaching & Consulting Solutions employs a three-stage approach to working with teams and leaders:

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— Stage 1 —


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— Stage 2 —


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— Stage 3 —

Define, Resolve
& Transform

Some general areas of focus where Optimal is equipped to assist:

  • Effective Delegation

    How to delegate tasks in a way that sets team members up for success and builds trust.

  • Employee Growth

    How to create opportunities for employees to grow and develop within the organization so they can reach their full potential.

  • Enhancing Communication Skills

    How to improve communication within the team or organization using proven techniques and strategies.

  • Having Tough Conversations

    How to have difficult conversations with employees in a way that is respectful and constructive.

  • Implementing SMART Objectives

    How to set SMART objectives so that everyone is clear on what is expected and there is a timeline for accountability.

  • Managing Change in Your Organization

    How to successfully navigate change within the team or organization by managing expectations and communicating effectively.

  • Managing Different Personalities

    How to manage team members with different personality types in a way that is productive, inclusive, sensitive, and respectful.

  • Mindful Leadership

    How to be more present and aware as a leader in order to create a calmer and more productive work environment.

  • Receiving & Giving Constructive Feedback

    How to give and receive feedback in a way that is helpful and leads to positive results.

  • Trust Building & Empathy

    How to build trust within the team or organization and create an environment where people feel appreciated and supported.

  • Writing & Communicating Effective Performance Reviews

    How to write and communicate performance reviews in a way that is clear, concise, and helpful for both the manager and the employee.

You're a business person, so you're probably wondering how pricing works.

Pricing for consulting services is based on the information gathered during consultations as well as your organization's unique goals and requirements. To find out more about what your consulting solution might look like, reach out to Optimal Coaching & Consulting Solutions to schedule a free discovery call so we can assess your needs!