Develop your leadership skills!

This intensive leadership workshop is designed to help leaders at all levels learn more about themselves and how they can be more effective in their roles. Leaders will have the opportunity to explore their own personality type as well as the types of the people they work with. They will also learn proven techniques for communication, delegation, conflict resolution, and much more.

The workshop is led by Jana Oles, a ICF certified business leadership and life coach with a BBA in Accounting, an MBA, and 20+ years of experience across multiple industries. Jana has a passion for helping people reach their full potential, and she believes that every leader has the ability to make a positive impact in their organization.

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The Workshops Focus on 5 Key Challenges that Leaders Face:

  1. Managing the Team Dynamic
  2. Delegating and Micromanaging
  3. Inspiration and Motivation
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Personal Balance

Attract and retain top talent.  Set clear expectations and deliverables. Keep your team inspired. Give and receive constructive criticism. And learn how to manage personal balance. This comprehensive leadership workshop leverages Jana’s in-depth experience across a range of industries and businesses, offering you the opportunity to learn some of the best strategies, techniques and practices in business.

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Below is a high-level overview of topics covered in the Optimal Coaching & Consulting Solutions Leadership Workshops:

Managing the Team Dynamic Delegating & Micromanaging Inspiration & Motivation Effective Communication Tactics Personal Balance
Developing, coaching and mentoring
Evaluating what can be done at manager vs employee level
Staying positive
Benefits of having regular team meetings; keep the troops in the loop
Take time out for yourself
Dealing with difficult employees
Creating a clear outline of your request
Projecting calm
Benefits of having regular one-on-one check ins
Having self confidence
Handling a dud & when it's time to let go
Setting expectations & deliverables
Motivating others
Keeping everyone on the same page
Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
Attracting & retaining top talent
Following through
Keeping your team inspired
Having difficult conversations
Adjusting to managing people & displaying authority in a positive manner
Managing Performance & Accountability
Trusting others to do the work
Avoiding burnout
Giving & receiving feedback and constructive criticism
Dealing with stress & anxiety
Making hard decisions
When to interfere/assist and when to give up control
Why good leaders make you feel safe
Writing powerful performance reviews
Benefits of Mindfulness & Mindful Leadership

Managing the Team Dynamic

Delegating & Micromanaging

Inspiration & Motivation

Effective Communication Tactics

Personal Balance

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